Spaceboy Zed And The Gonzonian Slapping Sweaty Socks

Zed is not your ordinary 12-year-old. He is an astronaut from the year 2500 who lives in space with his robot companion, ARC. Unfortunately, day after day, it’s a whole lot of nothing—until Zed and ARC decide to embark on an adventure eight thousand light years through space to the planet of Gonzo that has been infested by socks!
Gonzo hasn’t been invaded by the usual lump, possibly stinky socks, but instead, sweaty, stinky, and slapping socks. Blech! Its residents have lived peacefully for some time, but now, they can’t go anywhere without getting sock slapped. As Zed and ARC travel to a bizarre moon and find a wizard who must learn how to do his laundry the proper way, will they be able to fix the mess on Gonzo or return home unsuccessful?